In this section we have compiled a selection of actions which can help make our footprint on Earth lighter.

Climate change is already happening and it is clearly caused primarily by human activities.

If we do not act now on personal, national and global levels we, and the next generations, will be facing extreme weather conditions which will lead to droughts, storms, hunger, disease and displacement on unprecedented levels.

It is essential we all take action immediately to reduce the use of fossil fuels and the amount of carbon emissions we produce to try to reduce the level of global warming.

Governments are being far too slow to act and we as individuals have the power to actually make a difference in the way we lead our lives from now onwards. We must all take action to tackle global warming and change our ways to live more sustainably on Earth.

If we all take these actions at home, when travelling from one place to another, and in our attitudes towards our world's resources, we can make all the difference to help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases.

If we all act now we might still stand a chance of halting a disastrous bleak future.

Below is a summary of some basic but extremely urgent actions we can all take to try and curb emissions.

These will be a big step towards change and can also save us some money in the process. The future is truly in our, more than ever...

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