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We believe information is crucial for our evolution and helps shape us as a society. It provides the individual with a base from which to make choices that can affect other individuals, groups, communities, whole nations and even the world!

People often underestimate the power they hold. Information feeds individual power. Power of the people is the only thing that might change our course.

We have compiled facts on various issues that inspired us to voice our concern through our tee/sticker designs. As we research for this section we also continue to learn and hope you will enjoy reading or browsing through these facts which range from unexpected and surprising, to disturbing and scary, to inspiring and hopeful.

The facts are referenced to their sources and we are constantly working on them and adding related links to our links lists at the bottom of each subject page.
If you know of any interesting links please do let us know by emailing us on links@ekonoiz.com.

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Nuclear Power is a Dead End
Hemp could Change the World
Renewable Energies - a Sustainable Future
coming soon
Plants - Nutrition, Health and Clean Energy
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Recycling, Re-using and Reducing
coming soon
Deforestation Will Kill us all in the End
coming soon
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