Reduce air journeys too...

Aviation is already the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide. With the Government's recent decision to expand airports to allow a huge increase in air travel, it will grow even more.

Consider the environmental impacts of cheap air travel. There are numerous holiday destinations close to home. Many short-haul journeys could also be made by train.

A round trip from the UK to Australia will cause around 10 tonnes of C02 to be emitted; London to the south of Spain will be around 1.4 tonnes; London to New York is about 4.25 tonnes. One trip to Australia equals the average annual output for a UK citizen! Two trips to the South of Spain equal your suggested annual output. Don't fly, take the train or travel to a closer destination.

When on holidays...

Ask for your hotel room towels to be washed every other day or even at the end of your stay, instead of every day (only 17% of people do this already)

Switch off your air conditioning when you are out or don't really need it. If just half of everyone staying in air-conditioned hotel rooms turned off the air conditioning for their week away - we could save more than 5m tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Hire bicycles instead of a car or motorbikes if you are exploring locally.

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