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  Plant Power   Mother Earth  
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Plant Power
Future Extinction Victims I
Global Warning Warming   Recycle or Die  
Grow Your Own
Future Extinction Victims No Nuclear Future   Nuclear Child Boy  
Nuclear Boy
Seas Must Live   Shell Hell  
The Seas Must Live
Greenergy Green Energy
Future Extinction Victims
  I Love Slow Food    
        Sativa Cannabis Friends  
Friends of Sativa.................
    Dolphin Friendly   Dolphin Friendly   Dolphin Friendly  

Designs are hand-printed to order with water soluble ink and can be printed onto organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, or recycled plastic bottle tees. Read more in the tee specifications page.

Our tee shirt suppliers have been carefully chosen for their product quality and ethical stance. Eko Noiz wants to provide
a positive and socially-conscious choice for people who want to avoid clothes made in immoral sweat shops.

All our tee shirts are sourced from companies which make sure their garments are ethically-produced and where personnel operate under fair, safe and well-paid working conditions.
Eko Noiz forms partnerships with organisations/NGOs that it supports by making a donation from the sales of tee shirts with designs relevant to issues these groups deal with.

The symbol on the left is an indication that such a donation is made if a certain tee shirt is purchased.
For details of the projects click onto this symbol in each of the tee shirt design pages or alternatively view a list of the organisations our t-shirts are supporting
We are an environmentally aware business actively supporting reduce, reuse and recycle principles and use the
maximum amount of recycled or re-used materials, from tags on our tees to all our stationery.

All designs are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and should not be copied, modified, distributed or displayed without permission. See artists' designs & credits.

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