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Art Not Oil
- is an annual event aimed at encouraging artists to create work that explores the damage that companies like BP and Shell are doing to the planet, and the role art can play in counteracting that damage.

Boycott Total Oil
- students uncover Total Oil's unethical practices in Burma .

Energy Bulletin
- focused primarily on peak oil, also covers climate change, alternative energy & sustainability issues.

Oil Depletion Analysis Centre
- educational charity raising international public awareness and promote better understanding of the world's oil-depletion problem.

- is a resistance network that opposes the activities of oil companies in tropical countries.

Shell to Sea
- seek to ensure the proposed Corrib gas terminal and pipeline are constructed offshore, as is best practice and seek to highlight the negligent environmental, health, safety, planning and economic consequences of this government backed plan.

- parallel exhibition to the famous Natural History Museum's "Wildlife Photgrapher of the Year" highlighting the hypocrytical sponsorship of this competition by oil giants Shell.

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