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..An ancient plant of wisdom that could help humans in so many
..ways were they only a little wiser themselves.
Black print on red tee
Green print on orange tee
Green print on red tee
  Black print on mustard tee
Green print on mustard tee
Red print on mustard tee
Green print on ecru tee
Red print on ecru tee
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long-sleeves, children's tees, baby wear and hoodies (hemp hoodies too) on request. See more info in the
tee specifications page and contact us on custom@ekonoiz.com.
Designs are hand-printed to order with water soluble ink and can be printed onto the above eco-fibre options. Read more about each of these in the tee specifications page. Click here to view copyright information about our designs.  

N.B. We ask you to please check our t-shirt specifications page before you choose your sizes as each fabric tends to have different sizing specifications. Our tables for each fabric provide details of measurements across the chest width and shoulder height of the tee shirts so that you can make sure you are choosing the most appropriate size for you.

Colour combinations available for each fabric and their respective prices are shown above. We have tried to match the colour sample in the box as closely as we can to the actual colour of the tee shirt but there are limitations on computer screens.
If interested in a combination not shown above, please contact us as we can print another combo especially for you.
Possible alternative tee colours in each of the fabrics can be viewed in the tee specifications page.
Eko Noiz forms partnerships with organisations that it supports by donating from the sales of tee shirts that carry designs relevant to issues these groups are dealing with.

When you see this symbol it indicates a donation will be made to an organisation from the sale of that tee design.
By clicking onto the symbol you can read about the project or organisation that is being supported.
Alternatively view a list of the organisations our t-shirts are supporting.
Once you have chosen your tee-fabric, size and colour please add your selection to the shopping cart and either continue viewing more tee and/or sticker designs or proceed to the checkout for payment and delivery.
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