This website has been designed and given life by Eko Noiz partners Marianne Soisalo and Tui Lee.

We will be finishing some of the content as we go along and hope the site is easily surfable and you find no troubles
when shopping.

If there are any missing or erroneus links, if you have any difficulties, or would like to comment or give us any feedback
related to the website please do write to us at

Presently only the two partners have designed for the collection, sometimes together and sometimes independently,
but we hope to enlist more interested artists to join in the near future.

All designs in this website are copyrighted and credited as below and may not be copied or used in any way without the
consent of the respective artists.

If you need to contact us regarding any of the designs please write to


Mom (c) M.Soisalo
& Tui Lee
G.Y.O. (c) M.Soisalo
R.O.D. (c) M.Soisalo
FEVI (c) M.Soisalo
& Tui Lee

Global Warning (c) M.Soisalo
Plant Power (c) M.Soisalo
Nuke Boy(c) M.Soisalo

Hell (c) M.Soisalo
& Tui Lee
Amex (c) M.Soisalo
FEV II(c) M.Soisalo

Greenergy (c) M.Soisalo & Tui Lee
Seas Must Live(c) M.Soisalo
Slow Food Lover (c) M.Soisalo
I Love Slow Food (c) M.Soisalo
 (c) M.Soisalo & Tui Lee
NO! (c) M.Soisalo
No Clear Future (c) M.Soisalo

Dolphin Friendly(c) M.Soisalo
& Tui Lee
Vanity Unfair (c) M.Soisalo
& Tui Lee

Friends of Sativa (c) M.Soisalo
Loveolution (c) M.Soisalo
Essholes (c) M.Soisalo
& Tui Lee
Carsfartt (c) M.Soisalo

End of an Era(c) M.Soisalo
  Hemp Solutions Unlimited (c) M.Soisalo
Repsycle (c) T. Lee

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