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- is a collective formed by riders who wanted to build on their shared experience of the 2005 G8 Bike Ride and organise similar future events

Car Plus
- info on car share clubs in the UK.

Carplus - car clubs, car sharing, promoting responsible car use

Choose another way
- site to help you choose another way of travelling.

Community Transport Association
- promotes the safe and efficient use of community and accessible transport throughout the UK .

CTC - UK cyclists' organisation
- the country’s largest group of people on bikes whose mission is ‘to make cycling enjoyable, safe and welcoming for all.’

Environmental Transport Association
- aims to raise awareness of the impact of excessive car use and help individuals and organisations to make positive changes in their travel habits.

Extra Energy - e-bikes, scooters andeV pedelecs.

- linking drivers and passengers to share the cost of travel... Saves you money, helps other people and reduces pollution. Freewheelers is free and only available via the Internet. It provides an online database for people offering or requiring lifts.

Frixo - a road / motorway traffic reporting site - gives users up to date information as the site gets updated every 3 minutes via feeds from various sources including the government's official Highways Agency site.

London Cycling Campaign
- London Cycling Campaign's vision is to make London a world class cycling city.

Liftshare - car share
- Liftshare's aim is to encourage and enable more efficient use of the car

National CarShare
- "Lift sharing", "ride-sharing", "car-sharing" or "carpooling" - it doesn't matter what you call it, it boils down to the same thing - two or more people sharing a car to get from A to B rather than driving alone.

National Cyclists Organisation
- united by a passion for cycling.

National Rail Enquiries

- electric bike company

- Britain's biggest walking charity. Provides guide to public transport

- a collection of responsible and ecotourism holidays

Shareajourney Ltd
- provides an automated car sharing service for most organisations including employers, visitor attractions, event organisers and schools.

Slower Speeds Initiative
- "we believe that lower traffic speeds will bring important community benefits by: improving road safety; reducing noise, stress, pollution and fuel consumption; and encouraging cycling, walking and public transport."

Smart Moves
- commercial car club operator giving people the freedom of a car when they need one, without the hassle and overheads of a car when they don't.

- the sustainable transport charity - works on practical projects to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport in order to reduce motor traffic and its adverse effects.

The man in seat 61...
- guide to ravel by ship and train

Tourism Concern
- campaigns for ethical and fairly - traded tourism, particularly in poorer countries.

Traintaxi Limited
- guide to taxis serving train, metro and underground stations

Transport 2000
- independent national body concerned with sustainable transport. It looks for answers to transport problems and aims to reduce the environmental and social impact of transport by encouraging less use of cars and more use of public transport, walking and cycling.

Transport Direct
- transport info

Transport for London
- journey planner, maps, tickets etc...

Traveline -
plan journeys by rail, bus and coach


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