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British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
- leads the national drive to improve learning through technology.

Centre for Alternative Technology - investigation, use, demonstration and promotion of environmentally and socially appropriate technologies for energy generation /conservation, food production and building design.

Earth Activist Training - blends a full permaculture certification course with Earth-based spirituality, practical political effectiveness, and nature awareness.

Earthworks - run courses including - livestock, organics, small holdings, permaculture, energy, woodland crafts, traditional crafts and more.

EcoVersity - founded in 1999 by a launch team of educators, ecologists, anthropologists, and activists who gathered to design a school for students seeking innovative and practical approaches to learning from the land.

Elm Farm Research Centre - founded in 1980 as an educational charity. Aim is the development and promotion of organic agriculture as the most environmentally sound way of producing healthy food.

Emerson College - an international centre for adult education based on the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Gaia University - offers accredited higher degrees in sustainability, regeneration, justice and peace for international students using the action learning methodology.

Home Education Advisory Service - is a national home education charity based in the United Kingdom .

Institute for Earth Education - help people reduce their impact on the earth through the design and dissemination of carefully crafted, dynamic, participatory learning programmes.

Low-Impact Living Initiative - is dedicated to helping protect the global environment by promoting sustainable alternatives to various aspects of everyday life. Contact us to find out more about our installations, courses, presentations and manuals.

Natural Pathways - provide training in observation, survival skills and other nature related activities.

Naturewise - work focuses on raising environmental awareness and enabling people to move towards living more sustainably primarily through running permaculture courses, creating and promoting forest garden, and giving advice and consultations.

 Schumacher College - is an international centre for ecological studies that welcomes course participants from all over the world. The College runs short courses on ecological issues and a one-year MSc in Holistic Science.

Sustainability Courses - courses in Spain on: Environmental issues, Development issues, Alternative technology, Solar Power, Wind Power, Sustainability.

Sustainable Electrical Power MSc - Sustainable Electrical Power MSc course at Brunel University

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