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Bremen Initiative
- a global platform for all local business-municipality partnership programmes and projects aiming at sustainable development. As a campaign, its goal is to affect awareness, influence legislation and be a catalyst in developing new solutions based on best practices.

British Association of Fair Trade Shops- a network of independent fair trade shops across the UK.

Business Environmental Training Initiative (BETI)- small to medium sized businesses in Bedfordshire can now benefit from high quality environmental awareness training via BETI.

Business in the Community- an unique movement of over 700 of the UK 's top companies committed to improving their positive impact on society.

Business for Social Responsibility- working with companies to understand, plan, implement and account for their CSR performance. Bring valuable insight based on deep subject matter expertise and dedication to developing innovative business approaches to addressing social and environmental concerns.

New Economics Foundation- works to construct a new economy centred on people and the environment. Founded in 1986, it is now one of the UK 's most creative and effective independent think tanks, combining research, policy, training and practical action.


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