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ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England )
- active in promoting the interests of rural communities. Also acts as the national umbrella organisation for 38 Rural Community Councils throughout England .

Countryside Agency - the government's principal advisers on landscape conservation in England . They work to conserve and enhance the beauty of the English countryside and to help people to enjoy and appreciate.

CPRE (Council for the Protection of Rural England ) - exists to promote the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of rural England by encouraging the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country

International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside - decisions now being made may seriously degrade the life and appearance of the Polish countryside over the next few years.

 Land Is Ours - is a national network which campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources and the decision making processes affecting them, for everyone, regardless of race, age or gender.

Ramblers Association - exists to facilitate, for the benefit of everyone, the enjoyment and discovery that walking outdoors can bring, and to promote respect for the life of the countryside.

Shared Earth Trust - at Denmark Farm a unique conservation project pioneering the restoration of biodiversity to Britain 's farmed countryside.


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