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Action Without Borders
- connects people, organisations and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. Directory of over 49,000 non-profit and community organisations in 165 countries.

Bevan Foundation - aim to develop fresh thinking, ideas and action on the issues facing people in Wales today. We value diversity and equality of opportunity, the empowerment of disadvantaged people and communities, and the promotion of social cohesion and social justice.

Bioregional - bringing local sustainability into the mainstream. Working on the One Planet Living Programme- a partnership with WWF.

Brighton Peace and Environment Centre - aims to raise awareness and understanding of social justice, peace, sustainable development and environmental protection matters by providing information, education and positive practical solutions to global problems.

British Urban Regeneration Association - promoting best practice in urban regeneration.

Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology (CURE) - mission is to explore and promote options for sustainable human health and prosperity while improving air, water, land use, and biodiversity at the scale of regional ecosystems in which cities are embedded.

ENLINCA (Environmental Living in Cambridge ) - a group of people living in or near Cambridge who are exploring options and possibilities of forming a co-housing community.

Falmouth Green Centre - is a community enterprise working in partnership with practical conservation charity BTCV and the local community to encourage, promote and support sustainability.

Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens - are projects working with people, animals and plants. Each one is unique. They are (or are aiming to become) community-led and managed, empowering those involved through a sustainable approach to what they do.

Find Your Feet - creates opportunities for the rural poor to build a sustainable livelihood.

Greenadventure - to enable inner-city people, in particular those of us who are socially and economically disadvantaged, to create and take part in practical community projects which promote sustainable development thereby empowering us to improve the quality of life for ourselves, our communities and future generations.

GreenNet - supports a progressive community working for Peace, the Environment, Gender Equality and Social Justice, through the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Growing Communities - a small social enterprise in Hackney, running an organic fruit and vegetable box scheme, a certified farmers' market every Saturday in Stoke Newington where all the producers sell organic, biodynamic or wild produce and a Neighbourhood Food Growing Project on three sites in Hackney.

Harvest Help - has worked with thousands of farmers in southern Africa , helping them to feed their families, earn a living and become more self-reliant

Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG)- support people in poverty, through the use of appropriate technology.

International Society for Ecology and Culture- believes that promoting locally based alternatives to the global consumer culture is one of the most important responsibilities that we face.

London 21- London wide sustainability network.

Low-Impact Living Initiative- is dedicated to helping protect the global environment by promoting sustainable alternatives to various aspects of everyday life. Contact us to find out more about our installations, courses, presentations and manuals.

Planet Drum - founded in 1973 to provide an effective grassroots approach to ecology that emphasizes sustainability, community self-determination and regional self-reliance.

Redpal Peru - small peruvian permaculture NGO supporting a Shipibo indian sustainable community project

Selfsufficientish - the urban guide to almost self sufficiency

Spiral Seed - Earthright books, posters,tee-shirts, forest gardening, permaculture design, consultancy and teaching.

Stepping Stones Housing Co-operative - provides accomodation for people who wish to live with others and work towards a co-operative and ecological future.

Sumac Centre - provides resources and a meeting place for local groups and individuals campaigning for human & animal rights, the environment, peace and co-operation world-wide.

Sustainable Futures - supporting communities and organisations to develop a shared sense of purpose and vision.

Sustainable Development Commission - main role is to advocate sustainable development across all sectors in the UK , review progress towards it, and build consensus on the actions needed if further progress is to be achieved.

Sustainability Works ( Housing Corporation) - is a powerful online application that uses expertly researched materials as the foundation for writing policies for sustainable development.

Tools For Self Reliance- works with local organisations in six African countries. They provide tools and skills training to help artisans and craftworkers.

World Development Movement- campaigns on issues to help the world's poor.

WWF-UK- working on a very broad scale for both global and local environmental issues. Campaigns include One Million Sustainable Homes.


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