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Action Network
- an online environmental activism community. Campaigning tools, freefax to MP's etc

Action Without Borders - connects people, organisations and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. Directory of over 49,000 non-profit and community organisations in 165 countries.

Adbusters - global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age. Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we will live in the 21st

Alliance against 4x4s - "Through us you can find lots of constructive, creative and peaceful ways to deal with your frustration at the increasing numbers of big 4x4 vehicles on urban streets"

Amnesty International - "We have two main ways of working to achieve human rights for everyone: Promoting general awareness of human rights; and Opposing specific abuses of human rights"

Black Environment Network - Is established to promote equality of opportunity with respect to ethinic communities in the preservation, protection and development of the environment.

BlackRhinoceros - produce a directory for environmental activists wishing to campaign on these ecological issues: biodiversity, conservation, energy, environmental justice, habitat and pollution.

Charities Aid Foundation - puts donors in control of their giving, and helps charities make the most of what they get.

Charity Commission for England and Wales - is established by law as the regulator and registrar for charities in England and Wales.

Charter 88 - politics network to unlock democrcacy

Colombia Solidarity - UK based organisation campaigns for a socially just and sustainable peace in Colombia and opposes foreign military intervention.

Community Development Foundation - is the leading source of intelligence, guidance and delivery on community development in England and across the UK.

Community Matters (National Federation of Community Organisations) - supporting community associations and similar organisations since 1945.

Corporate Watch - not-for-profit research and publishing group which undertakes research on the social and environmental impact of large corporations, particularly multinationals.

Directory of Social Change - aims to be an internationally recognised independent source of information and support to voluntary and community sectors worldwide.

Earth Action Network - environmental/social justice org. dedicated to the prevention of Earth-damaging developments

Earth First! -"The general principles behind Earth First! are non-hierarchical organisation and the use of direct action to confront, stop and eventually reverse the forces that are responsible for the destruction of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Ecology Fund a way to get new funds for critical habitat and wilderness preservation using the power of the internet.

Environmental Law Foundation - is the national UK charity linking communities and individuals to legal and technical expertise to prevent damage to the environment and to improve the quality for all.

Ethical Property Company - the company buys properties and develops them as centres that bring charities, co-operatives, community and campaign groups together under one roof where they can share skills and ideas.

Greenpeace - an independent non-profit global campaigning organization

Higher Education Certificate in Environmental Justice - project was devised as a means of supporting and validating the struggles, campaigns and projects which many activists are carrying out in their communities.

Liberty - National Council for Civil Liberties. One of the UK's oldest human rights and civil liberties organisations.

National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux - helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free information and advice from over 3,000 locations, and by influencing policymakers.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations - is a registered charity that believes passionately in the voluntary and community sector.

The Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation - UK charity based in Telford, Shropshire, specialising in community participation, training and development.

New Economics Foundation - an independent 'think and do' tank. We believe in economics as if people and the planet mattered.

No Incinerators For Europe - dedicated to the elimination of waste incineration throughout Europe.

No More AOL CDs.com - send in your unwanted AOL CDs so they will be returned to AOL when reach 1000000

Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action - an umbrella organisation, seeking to represent the interests of voluntary and community organisations throughout Northern Ireland.

Pedestrians Association - work on practical projects to create safe, vibrant and healthy streets for all.

People & Planet - UK student action on world poverty, human rights and the environment

Peoples' Global Action - an instrument for communication and coordination for all those fighting against the destruction of humanity and the planet by capitalism, and for building alternatives.

Plane Stupid - is a coalition of airport residents and environmentalists who use direct action to stop the destruction of the environment and communities caused by airport expansion and aviation.

Planning Aid - dynamic organisation leading the way in the creation of places that work now and in the future.

Platform - works across disciplines for social and ecological justice. It combines the transformatory power of art with the tangible goals of campaigning, the rigour of in-depth research with the vision to promote alternative futures.

Restore the Earth - global initiative calling on the people, governments and international organisations to declare the 21st century the Century for Restoring the Earth. Consists of grassroots groups, NGOs and individuals worldwide.

Save the high seas - the deep seas' fascinating underwater world is under threat. Every year that politicians fail to take action to preserve this fragile frontier, unique species and ecosystems are damaged or destroyed by deep sea bottom trawlers bulldozing the seafloor

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations - seeks to advance the values and shared interests of the voluntary sector by fostering co-operation, promoting best practice and delivering sustainable services.

Seeds for Change Network - is a non-profit training collective helping people organise for action and positive social change.

Sustain - advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.

Transport 2000 - independent national body concerned with sustainable transport.

UK Communities Online - aims to address issues of sustainability, regeneration, social inclusion and healthier economies by focusing on the use of new communications technologies in communities and neighbourhoods.


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