Here we want to post drawings made by children from different parts of the planet relating to our Earth, the
plants, animals, the seas, mountains, rivers, forests, children, and other related images...

The first set was made by children in Brazil who live in an area which is very rich in wildlife but is under
threat from loss of habitat due to cattle farming and soya plantations.

We want children from different counries and cultures to send us their drawings so that our collection can
grow and grow until we have many drawings that make a strong point about the views the children of the
world have about our planet and the future they would like to see for us all...

If you are a teacher and want to set your classroom a drawing session related to environmental issues,
conservation or just the plain beauty of our Earth and send the drawings in, we would love to add them to
our collection. If you are a parent or a child wanting to send your drawings, please send scanned images as
jpgs to us at
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