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£ 8.50

  Handprinted with water-based inks (plain on other side)
Buy 3 and get a FREE sticker collection
Create your unique shopping bag by choosing any of our designs...

Make it one sided, double sided, with same colour print or two color print designs

Customising your bag will cost you from £12 (1 one-colour print) to £22 (2 two-colour prints) depending on your combination of designs

If you are interested please write to us at custom AT ekonoiz DOT com

Tell us if you want one or two designs and which design/s you have chosen and we will get back to you to discuss colour options, give you a quote and in case you want to go ahead we will give you a price link for you to make payment for this custom-made purchase.

Simply choose which design you would like on each side of your bag by picking and mixing from the designs below;
1-colour designs to choose from:
2-colour designs to choose from:      
To place your custom order: custom [AT] ekonoiz [DOT] com    
..The Plastic Bag Problem - Plastic bags take hundreds of years to break down in landfill.

..Plastic bags are derived from non-renewable resources and while they can be recycled,
..only a tiny proportion are.

..If plastic bags continue to be used, the number of bags littering the environment will increase ..further and exacerbate the already difficult problems they cause at present.

..On land and in the sea, landscapes are littered in plastic bags that kill millions of birds, ..whales, seals and turtles.

..Animals chew, swallow or get entangled in plastic bags and suffer horrible slow deaths.
...A Solution - We can individually and hopefully nationally, ban the use of plastic bags and move to
..re-usable cotton bags.

..It is not that difficult to carry a light cotton shopping bag or two... so that you can always refuse a ..plastic bag when shopping. Just say no thanks, I have my own!

..............................You can become an anti-plastic bag activist in great style
....................................with our lovely eco-message shopping bags
You can have any of our designs printed onto the shopping bag. The Fairtrade bags are made with organic cotton in India by Self Help Groups, supported by the Indian Government and owned and run by women. Check bag's size specifications.

Choose your design from the options above (£10 or 3 for £25) or have us make your unique customised bag from your own choice and combination of designs (£12-£22).
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